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Re: Proposal new source archive format

Ben Collins wrote:
> We should get away from automatically diff'ing the original source to create
> a debian .diff.gz file.

Um, I seriouly hope you're kidding.

Have you ever worked with a packaging system (rpm) that forces you to
make your own diffs? It's a serious prioductivity killer. I am about 50%
less productive with rpm than with deb's, and it's not due to lack of
experience. Building those diffs yourself every time is a serious pain in
the neck.

If you _want_ to make your own patches in some circumstances, that's
fine. However, many developers will not. Especially people who simply
check the upstream source into cvs, and debianize it, which is a
completly different way of looking at upstream source, and which tends
to move you away from thinking about things in terms of patches and
diffs entirely.

> Since 90% of the time all of the debian/* files are NEW and NOT in the
> .orig.tar.gz, why use diff to extract/create them? Why not use .tar.gz and
> make it simpler?

Now this I agree with. But I think it's somewhat orthagonal to the
statement above.

see shy jo

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