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Bug#17748: Should dpkg-iwj bugs be closed.

Wichert Akkerman writes ("Bug#17748: Should dpkg-iwj bugs be closed."):
> Previously Kirk Hilliard wrote:
> > Does dpkg-iwj actually exist as a package?
> It exists as a CVS tree, not as an actual package. I expect that I some
> point iwj will officialy declare it a dead branch and close all its
> bugs.

I hereby officially declare it a dead branch.

I'll close the bugs when I get round to it.

> I think that Ben and I were already reasonably thorough in checking that
> all bugs were fixed before reassigning them. There are also a couple in
> there that are basically requests for a design overhaul that will probably
> not happen in dpkg anyway.

I might want to preserve some of those.


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