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AW: Is this the right place for Dselect discussion

> > better. Unfortunatly dselect still tries to configure packages which are
> > on hold. 
> Hmm.  Yes, you're right, that's counter-intuitive.  However, it *is*
> correct behaviour.
> If a package is installed, but unconfigured, it's broken.  It must
> either be uninstalled, or configured, but there's no way of 
> leaving it 
> like that.  'Hold' means it won't be updated to a new version, but it
> won't stop it being configured.
Well what about if dselect stops if a brocken package can't be configured,
removed, etc? All the following packages get into brocken state as well,
maybe producing more unsolvable errors as well.

O. Wyss

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