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interesting question

Here's an interesting hypothetical question we came up with at the

Suppose a .deb is released that does rm -rf / in its prerm. We know it
has been installed on a bunch of machines all over the place. How can we
safely upgrade them?

I don't see any way to do it, because
says that "old-prerm upgrade new-version" is the absolute first command
to be run during a package upgrade.

By contrast, if the rm -rf is in the old-postrm, the preinst of the new
package can whipe it out or something.

Note that in RPM, the preinst _and_ postinst are run before the
old-prerm and old-postrm. I emphasize that is _way_ broken, but it does
let this hypothetical situation be dealt with.

Hm. Would making a new, independant package that shiped out the broken
package's prerm, and then making the new version of the broken package
pre-depend on it work?

see shy jo

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