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Conffile Prompting Tool now available.

Well, I've finished the first version of my conffile prompting
tool. It can be downloaded from 


Some notes:

It works in most cases. It doesn't handle strange cases like conffiles
being renamed in preinst scripts. (I don't know of any way it could do
so.) What it will do is to prompt the user as to which conffiles should
be kept and which should be replaced.

Unfortunately, at this time there isn't any way of getting this
information into dpkg. I hope that this can be done, which will make
this program actually useful. (See my earlier messages for my ideas on
how to do this.)

The other thing is that the program looks at /var/lib/dpkg/diversions
to handle diverted conffiles. This is probably not the right way to do
it, as the format of /var/lib/dpkg/ could change. Would it be possible
to add a feature to dpkg-divert so that it lists files in a
machine-readable format. (--list lists it in a human readable format,
which makes me worry about things like localization.)

Debconf support, while possible, will be hard to implement in a way
that makes it as functional at the other interfaces or the current way
of doing things. It's not implemented right now.

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