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Re: Less interactive upgrades.

Will Lowe writes ("Re: Less interactive upgrades."):
> (moved from -devel,  as it's probably more relevant to this list.)
> >     You don't really need to integrate anything with debconf to get
> > the effect you want.  What you need to do is to NOT set the file in
> > question as a conffile and then handle its replacement inside of the
> > debconf config.
> I think that one of the major strong points of Debian is dpkg, and its
> stability.  The idea of removing functionality from dpkg and putting it
> into something else is a little disturbing, although I guess this is what
> Debconf has already done.

I disagree.  I think that debconf is a good compliment to dpkg.

The problem is simply that dpkg is not using it here.  I think the
right thing to do would be to have dpkg call debconf instead of asking
the question itself, surely ?


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