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Bug#48717: dpkg: could be more useful wrt conffile diffs

Wichert Akkerman writes:
 > Previously Yann Dirson wrote:
 > > Yes, but I'd expect more people to be familiar with diff ouput than
 > > with diff3 output :(
 > I actually implemented this partially. The main problem was that to do
 > this properly we need to keep a copy of the unmodified
 > configuration-file somewhere. Perhaps dpkg should copy them into
 > /var/lib/dpkg/conffiles or so?

dpkg already keeps them, when you upgrade a package whose connfile you
modified, and answer "keep mine" when dpkg asks you the question.
I thought about extending this to all conffile installations, but one
may argue that those files, being in /etc/, can be changed or erased
by some people.  Probably /var/ is a good idea.

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