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Bug#48546: dependencies of dkpg-dev

Package: dpkg-dev

I'm trying to build sawmill from the source RPM, and found I needed
dpkg-source.  I surmised it'd be something from dpkg-dev, so I
installed that.  I still lacked dh_testdir from the build process, so
I had to go fetch dh_make, and now things are moving on.

Surely, dpkg-dev should have a dh_make dependency (or whatever
provides dh_testdir)?

Side note: It'd be great if dselect and apt-get could try to dig a bit 
more for packages, e.g. I often go 'apt-get install foo' if I want a
program 'foo' without bothering to check for the actual package name.
Often it works, but when 'foo' is part of some other package, it's not 
always obvious.  Would it be terribly difficult to make apt-get check
for packages that 'provide foo' and suggest them instead if no package 
named foo exists?

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