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Bug#48545: dpkg-shlibdeps should abstract file type checking

Package: dpkg-dev
Severity: wishlist

sub isbin {
    open (F, $_[0]) || die("unable to open '$_[0]' for test");
    if (read (F, $d, 4) != 4) {
       die ("unable to read first four bytes of '$_[0]' as magic
    if ($d =~ /^\177ELF$/) { # ELF binary

It seems that this ought to be abstracted in some way, possibly
through the use of file.  These are the sorts of things that are a
PITA to track down if for some reason they end up changing.

       return 1;
    } elsif ($d =~ /^\#\!..$/) { # shell script

This regexp just seems plain wrong.  I know, for instance, that '
#!/bin/sh' functions...

       return 0;
    } elsif (unpack ('N', $d) == 0xcafebabe) { # JAVA binary

More hardcoding...

       return 0;
    } else {
       die("unrecognized file type for '$_[0]'");



-- System Information
Debian Release: potato
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux chimchim 2.2.13 #2 Sat Oct 23 20:51:55 PDT 1999 i586

Versions of packages dpkg-dev depends on:
ii  perl-5.005 [perl5]            5.005.03-4 Larry Wall's Practical Extracting 

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