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Re: Help needed with dependencies (please)

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Ben Collins wrote:

> What? You would rather dpkg allow packages be downgraded without warning and
> break dependencies that require the newer version? Dpkg has always gone down
> the list of deps and checked the deps' deps. This is nothing new. What it does

Let me be a little more strong in my phrasing here.

The fact that this change works AT ALL and that people are not screaming
bloody murder is a testament to wide spread use of APT and the
completeness of it's ordering code. If this had been done two years ago
you would have both been lynched by now.

However - APT *does not* and *can not* absolutely guarentee order that
meets this new restriction - conversely APT does absolutely guarentee
that the 5 existing constraints are not violated.

There now exist cases which will incorrectly fail beacuse of this new
constraint, and these cases are not bugs in the respective packages or
limitations of APT.

If you'd like to see what cases cause this to fail run apt on an upgrade
with the -s option. Any package it lists in square brackets as it executes
is a package that no longer has all of its depends met. Particularly the
perl packages like to cause this.

As a final comment, you might as well remove all the other dpkg methods,
they are worthless now, -iGROBE is hopeless with this new restriction -
and I really don't want to think about what this does to multi CD
ordering - it is bad. 


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