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Bug#3991: marked as done (dselect has confusing and bizarre interface)

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Darren Benham
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From: Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@charcoal.eg.bucknell.edu>
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Subject: dselect has confusing and bizarre interface
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Package: dselect
Version: 1.12.2

dselect is more complicated than it needs to be.  Anyone who has used
the package selector for RedHat can understand why people like it so
much.  I like having a versatile interface such as the one dselect
offers, but it shouldn't be so incompatible keystroke-wise with other
common interfaces.

1. A consistent key should be chosen for the `quit' function, to exit
   the current task.  It's `q' here, space there, and enter there.

   Space and enter should do something else.  In most applications,
   such as `dialog' enter selects, it doesn't quit.  Space is also
   usually a selection or toggle options, but never exit.

   It's really bizarre and confusing that space and enter would do
   these things.

2. A consistent key(s) should be chosen for the `help'.  I suggest F1
   and Ctrl-h throughout.  (Like DOS or Emacs)

3. Using `/' for search forward makes me want to use `?' to search in
   reverse.  I hit it often enough to get really frustrated.
   (`?' in `less' and `vi')

4. `/' should remember the last search instead of requiring a separate
   keystroke, `\'.  (`/' in `less' and `vi')

5. The package list browser should not start in help mode.  There is a
   reason that Emacs has an inhibit-startup-message variable.

6. The EIOM columns are not very intuitive.  Remove the short
   description (or move it over) since a long one is displayed below
   and extend these toggles such that they are understandable.

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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 02:14:10 -0400
From: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
To: 1685-done@bugs.debian.org, 16217-done@bugs.debian.org,
	10263-done@bugs.debian.org, 4074-done@bugs.debian.org,
Subject: some dpkg bug maintainence with permission from wichert
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1685: dpkg-split command line parsing.
  My take on this, the options expected aren't in a compatible format,
  so it can't be made GNU style. Also the man page shows that the
  complained about format is expected. IMO, if it's documented as such,
  then it should be acceptible. GNU is not the endall argument format.

16217: prompting for clearing avail on updates in dselect
  dselect doesn't seem to do this anymore

10263: segfaults on upgrade
  Very old bug concerning libc5->libc6 upgrades. I don't think we have any
  way to really reproduce it, plus the reports show that the cause was
  possibly found from some dependencies, but the original poster never
  responded back.

4074: conffile's left behind
  Not a current problem with dpkg it seems

1037: dselect help screen
  Ian said he would fix this in the report when he released the C version of
  dpkg, that seems to have occured (bug report is vague on what the actual bug
  is, and attempts at clarifying have failed).

Ben....more to come

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