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Bug#45121: dpkg: No option to rebuild /usr from /var/state

> Hrmpf. dpkg is the low-level packaging tool, it needs to be fed the location
> of packages. The bug report was complaining that dpkg missed functionality;
> I showed it already possessed that functionality through a concrete example.
> Of course, for the sake of convenience, there should be a way to get it
> through a higher-level tool like apt or dselect, but that's beside the real
> point: dpkg already has what one needs to restore the system in the type of
> situation the reporter described.

Perhaps the bug should be reassigned to apt, then.  I know I've had
a few instances where I needed to reinstall various packages and had
to fudge the version numbers in the status file to get dselect or apt
to refetch.

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