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Bug#43205: dpkg: install-info refuses to run

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Nachlinger <mnach@northstar.apres.org> writes:

Mike> On Thu, 19 Aug 1999 akim@epita.fr wrote: FWIW - I had this same
Mike> problem. Turns out there were two versions of install-info on
Mike> the machine and the wrong version was being loaded.

I later realized this, and actually saw that for whatever reason it
was using the *second* install-info in my path, not the first one...

I'm no debian programmer, so I might not have my word to say, but if I
could, I would say that:

- there should be means to have a verbose report with at least the
  full path of the tools.  

- I saw many helping debian programs that hard code their names in the
  report, what seems dead wrong: shell scripts should use $0 and
  compute their names.

- Well, install-info might not be the best names since it exists
  outside :)  Maybe the path should be hard coded?


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