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Processed: merging dpkg bugs

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> merge 29672 38636 39046
Bug#29672: dpkg: dselect crashes when the xterm window is resized
Bug#38636: dselect getch fails on resize.
Bug#39046: dpkg: dselect crashes when resizing xtrem window
Bug#29810: dpkg: dselect bombs when xterm resizes window in select
Bug#33843: coredump if xterm resize
Bug#34316: dselect crashes on xterm resize
Bug#34939: dpkg: dselect kills itself on terminal resize while in the "Select" stage
Bug#35728: dpkg: Crashes when resizing xterm window while running dselect
Bug#37539: dpkg: dselect crash on screen resize
Bug#37766: dpkg: dselect sigsegvs on window resize
Merged 29672 29810 33843 34316 34939 35728 37539 37766 38636 39046.

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