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Re: patch: dpkg on HP-UX

Previously jcn@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:
> Ah, good.  When, by what?

Two new HP servers (1 for students and 1 for staff). It should have
happened a year ago or so, you could ask Vian Govers about the current
time schedule.

> Ok, but it remains a problem for installations in other places than /,
> eg, $HOME.  Which is typically something you'd do if you're not a
> superuser?

Indeed. You should try porting fakeroot to HP-UX if you really want to
be able to build packages without being root.

> What about:
>    dpkg --print-architecture || gcc -dumpmachine | sed 's/i[3-9]86.*/i386/'
> Alternatively, we'd need a dummy dpkg script for bootstrapping.

Try looking at the code in config.sub, I think that is almost what you
are looking for.

> Sorry.  I didn't see any reference to those archives.  Debian-dpkg is
> a mailing list somewhere?

Indeed, look at the debian website for the archive.

> I don't know, I didn't really look into this (I've got other things to 
> do than port dpkg :-), but I encountered missing references to getopt_long.
> If dpkg is supposed to do option parsing itself, maybe somebody should
> fix that.  No harm to include getopt 'till then?

Weird. What program uses them?

> > Anyway I think you need to try this patch on all other architectures
> Sorry, but I wouldn't know how to do this.  I'll try it at home on my
> linux-ppc box, but that's all the architectures I have to offer (apart
> from HP-UX :-).  

Just ask if you can get access to krypton (Debian 2.1 system), that is
an i386 system.


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