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Re: patch: dpkg on HP-UX

Previously jcn@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:
> In my new job, I seem to be stuck with HP-UX, tools from the era of
> gcc-2.6, and missing man pages.

If you're using artemins,hupnos,hit or hitje: they're scheduled to be

> +A new problem is that dpkg/dpkg-deb uses chroot (), which is (on HP-UX) 
> +only available for the superuser.

As it should be, this holds for all UNIX systems

> -  target_cpu="`dpkg --print-architecture`"
> +  dnl urg, circular dependency
> +  dnl target_cpu="`dpkg --print-architecture`"
> +  target_cpu="`expr \`gcc -dumpmachine\` : '\([^-]*\).*'`"

This breaks: gcc -dumpmachine reports i486-linux, and dpkg
--print-architecture correctly reports i386. I suspect this breaks other
architectures as well.

> +This is all *very* silly, IMO.  I would very much like a bootstrapping 
> +utility like a package manager to have little as possible requirements
> +--jcn

If you had read the archives for debian-dpkg your would have seen that
Ian intends to remove all the automake/libtool stuff. Fact remains that
any complete development system has those tools though.

> +#ifndef HAVE_SYSINFO
> +#define sysinfo linux_sysinfo

Huh? You assume here that only Linux has sysinfo?

You also seem to include all the getopt stuff, which isn't used since
dpkg uses its own options handling code?

Anyway I think you need to try this patch on all other architectures
first and clean it up a lot first.


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