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Bug#35362: dpkg: dpkg segfaults with LANG=de_DE / LC_ALL=de during apt-get dist-upgrade

Package: dpkg

dpkg keeps segfaulting, leaving half-installed _extremely_ broken packages
lying around, when using the German message files. This happened repeatedly

	- xemacs20-support
	- emacs20
	- slrn

and a couple other times (all from slink) with other packages I don't
remember any more. When unSETting LC_ALL and LANG, dpkg works fine.

This made me quite nervous because I was updateing a production machine.
Thank $DEITY nothing happened =;()

-- System Information
Debian Release: 2.1
Kernel Version: Linux debian 2.2.3 #7 Mit Mär 24 08:38:54 CET 1999 i586 unknown

Versions of the packages dpkg depends on:
ii  libc6  GNU C Library: shared libraries
ii  libncurses4     4.2-3          Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libstdc++2.9    2.91.60-5      The GNU stdc++ library (egcs version)

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