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Re: locale messages of dpkg in Japanese

Masato Taruishi writes ("locale messages of dpkg in Japanese"):
> It seems that version of dpkg includes Japanese
> locale messages, but they're old. There is a last version of it
> in dpkg-doc-ja package in potato.
> Now I'm hacking version and find out that this version of
> debian/po structure is deffent from a structure about which I knew
> , that is, hamm version, I think. So, I haven't understood how to
> port messages of dpkg-doc-ja to this new version yet.
> I would like to know how to port or ask you to port.
> PS
>  dpkg-doc-ja also includes Japanese version of dpkg package's manpages.

Sorry to be awkward, but I wouldn't recommend trying to fix this now.
Current (NMU) versions of dpkg don't support i18n properly - they seem
to dump core a lot when trying to display error messages.

It is likely that the first forthcoming non-NMU dpkg will not have
i18n support, since I'm trying first to fix all the problems in my own
tree that are fixed in the NMU series, and i18n doesn't count :-).


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