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Re: Bug#2973: status of these reports

Marcus Brinkmann writes ("Bug#2973: status of these reports"):
> Report: 2973
> Status: Open, (can be closed). Please merge with 3125.
> Report: 3125
> Status: Open, (can be closed). Please merge with 2973.

Thanks for that Marcus.  I'm not sure how useful it is, however, to
send this information to the mailing list and the bug report.  When I
read the mailing list I don't want to be deluged with `to do' items,
and when I read the actual entry for a bug in the buglist I get to see
the whole bug anyway.

How about sending this information just to the mailing list and
keeping a list of which bugs you claim to have categorised how ?  If
you post the resulting list it may well be easier for me to direct my
effort where it will be most useful.

Then I just have to mail you if I disagree with the classification of
a bug.

Also, if two bugs should be merged, please just go ahead and merge


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