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Bug#2973: status of these reports


Report: 2973
Status: Open, (can be closed). Please merge with 3125.
Analyse: install-info seems to add multiple development sections.
Strategy: This is discussed and fixed in #3125.

Report: 3125
Status: Open, (can be closed). Please merge with 2973.
Analyse: install-info adds multiple sections with same name.
 Kim sent in a fix for this, which is already in dpkg source. No problem.
 But IanJ thought it would be a good idea to fix already broken files.
 So a script was written to do that (merge existing sections with same
 name). This script is included in the bug log.
 Make a decision between following two possibilities:
 i) Drop the idea of fixing broken dir files. This problem is from May 1996,
    and it is probably more risk to break existing good dir files with this
    operation than fixing still broken ones (who has info/dir files from 1996?)
 ii) Include the fixing script in dpkg and call it from dpkg postinst, in
    case we are updating from an old version.
 My personal favourite is i), because in the last three years the problem
 has most probably vanished all by itself.


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