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Re: Working on dpkg...

Torsten Landschoff writes ("Working on dpkg..."):
> Hi!
> I am currently working on the dpkg source. It makes me feel bad that the
> source of the heart of Debian is that hard to read. I will add some comments
> to explain the underlying ideas better and restructure the source a bit for
> example to split the HUGE function process_archive. 
> If you do object to this work being done please tell me soon because I don't
> do this for the fun of it but to make Debian just a tiny bit better. 
> Is there somebody I can contact if I am unable to figure out why something was
> done this way?

I'm afraid I do object, yes.  I shall be restructuring the code
myself, and your modifications and mine will probably clash.

I don't have time to write more now.

Thanks for your interest,

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