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Re: Bug#32587: bug in dpkg --compare-versions

ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk (Ian Jackson)  wrote on 29.01.99 in <14001.38463.564811.681835@chiark.greenend.org.uk·2>:

> > if dpkg --compare-versions util-linux_2.7.1-3.deb gt
> > util-linux_2.7.1-3.4.deb; then echo yes; fi
> >
> > if dpkg --compare-versions ae_962-21.deb gt ae_962-21.1.deb; then echo
> > yes; fi

> There does seem to be some kind of bug in dpkg here though; those
> `version numbers' you're passing it are rather strange, but the sort
> order is indeed wrong.  I'll BCC this to submit@bugs so that it gets
> fixed.

It does seem to work as advertised, in that "4.deb" or "1.deb" sorts as  
less than "deb" (letter versions are later than number versions, per  
component). Where is the bug?

MfG Kai

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