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dpkg suggestion

I recently had a 'situation' with dpkg that wasn't very fun to correct.  I
somehow lost my /usr/X11R6 directory (quit looking at me, I didn't touch
it, honest!  Don't you believe me?)  apt refused to download any packages,
insisting that they were installed, and dpkg wouldn't remove them, because
it couldn't find them, but it still kept them in the installed package
list.  I tried dpkg --audit, but it didn't report anything.  To make a
long story short, I had to use a variety of dpkg --force options to make
dpkg remove the packages, one by one.  All of the X11 related ones. It was
not fun.

I have a suggestion, if it's already been implemented in some form, I'm
sorry for wasting your time.  Basically, an option that will go through
the list of installed packages, and check to see if the contents of the
packages are actually there.  If not, it could mark them for
reinstallation, or something.  I'm sure this could be used for other
purposes as well.  Maybe this is more of an option for apt-get, I'm not
sure.  All I know is that there should be something to help incidents like

Thank you for reading my message and promptly deleting it.

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