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Re: Source-Depends implementation

On Sun, Jan 10, 1999 at 01:31:09PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> This is a little hack to dpkg-source and controllib.pl to allow for a
> Source-Depends field in the general control file section. People have
> been asking for it, so here it is if any one wants to write the policy
> for using it.

IMHO it's also a good idea to hack dpkg-buildpackage to check the
Source-Depends. This would help especially for CVS'd sources, manually
extracted sources, and the like (I rarely use dpkg-source, I find
tar and zcat | patch suit my needs better usually).

> IMO, nothing from the base list should be in the Source-Depends field.

How about the same rules as for binaries, i.e. packages marked "Essential",
not base. Probably we ought to add "Source-Essential", tagging gcc, cpp,
binutils, make. C++ would therefore need depending on.

> Just non-standard -devs and special binary packages (ie. sgml, tetex,
> nasm). There is no versioning of the Source-Depends either since I
> didn't think it would be necessary. You may feel differently.

While it may not be necessary, it would be not to have it, for users
(as opposed to developers), wanting to download the latest <xyz>

> All it does is included the Source-Depends field into the .dsc file.
> This can later be used by apt or dbuild/buildd to verify that all
> needed packages are installed for building. I also made
> 'dpkg-source -x' check the list to make sure everything is installed,
> it only gives a warning otherwise.

Request: could you also add Source-Recommends. This would be useful for
packages which can build with another package, but don't have to; eg
aumix would Source-Recommends: alsa-lib (or whatever the package is

> The hack I used for checking whether a package was installed is `dpkg
> -l $buildpackage`. There is probably a better way, so feel free to fix
> that. Also, I did no error checking on the field content (missing ','
> and such)

I would recommend pkg-order and/or dpkg-perl. I think this might improve
both these situations, and also allow versioning. I think there was some
discussion about merging dpkg-perl into dpkg-dev recently. This would be
more motivation for that I guess :) Using pkg-order would also, AFAIK allow
you to check for virtual packages.

> The only change in controllib.pl was the Source-Depends field needed to
> be added to a list of fields that required a second capitol letter.
> I'll leave it up to you people as to whether or not it fulfills our needs
> and to Ian as to whether or not it makes it into the dpkg source.

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