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[wrmcd@wilmcd.com: Debian (slink) netstd]

A friend sent this to me. It looks like we need some way of indicating in a
package's control file (like Used-To-Provide: package
(our_version_when_we_provided_it), ...) that certain other packages have
been broken out of it so that they can be brought to the user's attention
during an upgrade from our_version_when_we_provided_it to a newer version.

Now that Bill has upgraded to the new netstd, he's lost the functionality
provided by telnet/telnetd, and the other packages listed below. He can't
get them back until he manually selects the recently broken-out
telnet/telnetd packages. This is particularly bad if Bill was doing the
netstd upgrade via a telnet connection, since telnet and telnetd are removed
without warning during the upgrade and Bill can't log back in later to fix
the problem unless he's at the console.

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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 08:54:37 -0500
To: list-geek@osiris.ml.org
From: "William R. McDonough" <wrmcd@wilmcd.com>
Subject: Debian (slink) netstd

I have been arguing with the package maintainer that when you upgrade your
package from HAMM to SLINK.
You loose the following items.

Specifically both Krazi and I lost telnet client.
Because all of these packages have been seperated from netstd.

netstd should suggest the following packages when upgrading.

lame lame lame...

Package: netstd
Version: 3.07-7

Apparently the hamm package net/netstd_3.07-2.deb has split into 10 packages:
*  mail/vrfy
*  net/bwnfsd
*  net/nfs-server
*  net/rexec
*  net/talk
*  net/talkd
*  net/telnet
*  net/telnetd
*  non-free/net/pcnfsd

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Brian Ristuccia

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