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Bug#31421: not realy a bug but bybe

I have been trying to install Debian Linux onto my drive. This have been bumpy at
best downloading from the net is not the best way to start.

To the problem

Installation and setup of X windows.

FX86Setup reports that ../lib/X11/xinit/xinit.. (not the exact name of the file)
dose not exist. Midnight commander showed the file in read with an! at the start.
and said the file did not exist.

ls showed the file.

I tried to edit the file with MC and it was empty and disappeared on exit. no save.

ls now showed no file.

I reinstall xbase and the file appeared but is empty and FX86Setup still reports it
as missing.

dselect is not function as well it reports script errors. reinstalling dpkg fixed it
several time now it will not.

Any suggestions as to the root of my problem. I have had access to the
ftp.debian.org site though dselect.

Thanks for the help

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