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Re: update-alternatives manual page

Charles -

>Sorry to break this to you after you've put in the effort, but there
>already is a man page for update-alternatives.  I wrote it about six
>months ago.  There's a copy in bug 17283, and (according to James
>Troup) it was incorporated into dpkg, which was a NMU.
>I'd suggest you compare them and see if yours has anything mine
>doesn't, and send patches of any improvements.

Just today, I got my local mirror of slink in operation.  I've now
updated dpkg to and read your man page.  It's excellent -
much better than mine.  I did notice that it does not actually say
what the fourth argument of --install is.  I suggest something like
this change:

--- update-alternatives.8.orig  Wed Aug 12 20:29:26 1998
+++ update-alternatives.8       Wed Aug 12 21:05:07 1998
@@ -232,6 +232,8 @@
 is the name of its symlink, and
 .I path
 is the alternative being introduced for the master link.
+.I pri
+is an integer priority for this alternative.
 .IR sgen ,
 .I slink

				- Jim Van Zandt

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