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Re: Porting dpkg to UltraSPARC

"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> 4 Is there some kind of requirements documentation that I could
Dale> read that would help here? This seems a lot more pain to build
Dale> than should be expected under these circumstances.

If its any consolation, much the same thing had to be done to get it
working on regular SPARC, a year ago.  But at least all the
development tools were pure Debian, so it was doable.

The problem has always been that the dpkg tarball is maintainer-clean
instead of merely distclean.  The new code in CVS doesn't do this, but
so far there's been no effort to switch to it, or to backport its
innovations to the working dpkg.

Perhaps you could run the build on intel up until just before it
actually calls ./configure, tarball that and then continue on the

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