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Re: Intention to do a(nother) NMU of dpkg


Ok, I will remove the debian keyring in the doc-debian package, then.

However, if needed, I would volunteer to create the debian-keyring package
for hamm (it would be one of those packages whose source and binary are
almost identical, and having a refresh target in debian/rules to get the
source from ftp.debian.org). The package could then be taken over by you
or Igor at any time.

> > >   * debian/shlibs.default.i386: updated for glibc, reported by Herbert Xu
> > >     <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>. [#13140]
> > 
> > I thought the consensus on this was to remove any shlibs.default
> > completely.
> Again, this was a short term solution thing; I too seemed to remember
> that being the consensus, so I made a note to check the archives later
> and updated the shlibs.default.i386 file; better an uptodate obsolete
> file than an outofdate one.

If it is a useless file, I think there is no difference, really. Or it
could be even worse, having it up-to-date may give the false impression
that it "has" to be up-to-date or that it is useful at all, when in fact
is going to be removed completely. I think it would be better not to touch
it at all if it is going to be removed.

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