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Re: Intention to do a(nother) NMU of dpkg

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> >   * doc/developer-keys.pgp: updated to the current debian keyring.
> I would much prefer a separate package for this, so that we can get
> rid of it both in dpkg and doc-debian. Since this has grown very
> much lately, not everybody who uses dpkg needs the
> debian-keyring. Brian White should approve it, of course, but a new
> package like debian-keyring is not supposed to introduce serious
> bugs.

I know, but that's a longer term solution than this short-term NMU.
As long as there is no keyring package (and neither myself nor Igor
have had time yet), dpkg's copy of the keyring might as well be
uptodate.  Once we've done the keyring package, this copy of the
keyring should IMO go (though that's not something I'm going to do in
an NMU without getting confirmation first).

> >   * debian/shlibs.default.i386: updated for glibc, reported by Herbert Xu
> >     <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>. [#13140]
> I thought the consensus on this was to remove any shlibs.default
> completely.

Again, this was a short term solution thing; I too seemed to remember
that being the consensus, so I made a note to check the archives later
and updated the shlibs.default.i386 file; better an uptodate obsolete
file than an outofdate one.

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