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Bug#23839: NASTY bug in dpkg

Package: dpkg

I have to boxes here, a desktop(a), and a laptop(b).

after updating the packages on a, I decided to network and nfs mount a's
/var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/....frozenwhatever on b to install the same
files on b.  I used the mounted method, and 'scan' for package info.  When
I updated the packages and ran install, it installed everything corectly
(however, the avail for other things besides that on a was gone)

after the update on b via a's .debs, i decided to switch method back to
ftp and update the packages file with an ftp archive copy to get the
current list.  After this update, for some odd reason.. all version
information for 'installed' packages was set to <none>

so basicly it screws the machines list of packages which are installed..
they are still noted as installed.. but have no version information.

I talked to joey Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de> in chat and he
has a log of the chat session I belive.  for that system, I restored
status with status.yesterday.0 and did a quick shell script with awk and
sed to check if each file (package name) was installed , and then upgraded
it with the new version.  


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