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Where is Michael Allen Dorman ?

Michael, your mail is bouncing.  Please inform me of your current
email address.

What would the opinion of the debian-dpkg list be if I were to point
the dpkg maintainer address, dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk, to
this list ?


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>>>>> "CM" == Christoph Martin <martin@verwaltung.uni-mainz.de> writes:

    CM> I don't know. The point was, that dpkg-dev was not loaded in every
    CM> version of emacs ({x,}emacs{19,20}). Did you check that?

My question is: is it really necessary that the add-on emacs stuff be
replicated in all /etc/{x,}emacs{19,20}/site.start.d/ dircetories.

    CM> I did it with crypt++el that way.

For my ispell package (ibrazilian, iportuguese), I just put the startup
file in /etc/emacs/site.start.d and it is taken into acoount by XEmacs20
(the only emacs flavour that I have in my system).  Likewise, the
packages octave, calc and noweb (which I installed in my system) take
the same approach.

Perhaps Rob could enlighten us.


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