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Bug#991688: mention improved/added man page translations

Hello Justin,
On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 12:27:25PM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> > The man pages for nonenglish speaking users have been substantially
> > improved and extended. Please add a text along the following lines:
> > 
> Presumably as a subheading under 2.2 "What's new in the
> distribution?", though I think those items might work better if we
> moved "2.2.8. Kernel support for exFAT" and any further additions such
> as this one to be above "2.2.7. News from Debian Med Blend", which
> almost deserves a separate section 2.3 of its own.
> > The documentation (man pages) for several projects like systemd, util
> > linux, Openssh and mutt and several languages (new or extendd), e.g.
> > french, spanish, makedonain have been substantially extended and/or 
> > added.
> The man pages... for these projects... and languages... have been
> extended?   Now you've got me imagining man pages for languages.

Yes, this is not perfectly worded, thanks for spotting and improving.

>   The documentation in man page format for several projects such as
>   systemd, util-linux, OpenSSH, and Mutt has received added or
>   extended translations for a number of languages, including French,
>   Spanish, and Macedonian.
> >         Please install manpages-nn (where nn is your language code) to 
> > benefit from the improvements. During the lifetime of bullseye backports
> > of further improvements / translations will be provided within the 
> > backports archive, possibly also new languages.
> I don't think we can use -nn as a meaningless metasyntactic variable,
> (it's the code for Nynorsk), but -xx is free.  I'm going to lazily
> assume that we can't use <systemitem role="package"> markup on
> something that isn't really a packagename.

I thought "xx" had some uninteded side meaning, that's why I chose
"nn", which does not work correctly either. If this is no problem,
please do use "xx"

>                            To benefit from these improvements please
>   install manpages-xx (where xx is your language code). During the
>   lifetime of bullseye, further added or improved translations will be
>   provided via the backports archive, possibly along with new languages.
> Oh, hang on, here comes another version...
> Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote 
> < The manual pages for several packages like systemd, util-linux, openssh and
> < mutt in several languages like French, Spanish and Macedonian have been
> < substantially improved. Please install manpages-nn (where nn is your
> < preferred natural language code) to enjoy this.
> Reapplying some of those suggested changes:
>   The manual pages for several projects such as systemd, util-linux,
>   OpenSSH, and Mutt in a number of languages, including French, Spanish,
>   and Macedonian, have been substantially improved. To benefit from
>   this, please install manpages-xx (where xx is the code for your
>   preferred natural language).
> (I'm avoiding calling openssh a package.)
> This version's short enough that we might consider including it in the
> introductory section for 2.2 "What's new in the distribution?"...

I'm fine with the update, even though it misses the fact that I did
(for buster) and will be (for bullseye) provide updates as translators
translate more pages and paragraphs.



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