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BTS Chapter 5 - close is deprecated


Under section 5.1 -- How it works, there is a list of available commands
to interact with the BTS control server.  The first command listed is
`close bugnumber`, but that command is deprecated.  I found this out by
using the bts CLI tool:

bts --mutt close 990427
bts: Closing 990427 as you requested.
Please note that the "bts close" command is deprecated!
It is usually better to email nnnnnn-done@bugs.debian.org with
an informative mail.
Please remember to email 990427-submitter@bugs.debian.org with
an explanation of why you have closed this bug.  Thank you!

We should update the docs to reflect that `close` is deprecated and add
the `done` command above or underneath it.

Best regards,

Brian T
B.S. Computer Science 2014 (Truman State University)
  Minor Stasitics
  Minor Chemistry
  Minor Mathematics

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