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[Wiki] GitPackaging - Workflow guidelines


I was reading through the workflow guidelines on the GitPackaging wiki
page (https://wiki.debian.org/GitPackaging), and I have some comments on
what I think can be improved.

> One change per commit.

What does "one change" entail, a file being changed, a bug being fixed,
a collection of unrelated changes in a single file?   This is unclear.

> The commit message should have a short (<78 characters) summary of the
> change followed by a newline.

The <78 character constraint is out-of-line with Git standards.  Git
suggests a hard stop at 72 characters for the subject, with a soft
recommendation to keep it <=50 chars.

Also, the text should read "followed by a blank newline", instead of
just "followed by a newline".  Having a blank link separating the body
and subject is much cleaner.  Maybe it was just a typo.

Lastly, lines of the body should be wrapped at 72 characters.  This is
very easy to configure in a text editor, like vim.

Best regards,

Brian T
B.S. Computer Science 2014 (Truman State University)
  Minor Stasitics
  Minor Chemistry
  Minor Mathematics

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