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Re: debian-java-faq seems to be pretty old -

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On 31/08/2018, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino <javifs@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,

Dear all,


> Why doesn't the Java team actually review the Java FAQ and let DDP know if
> it should be kept or dropped completely? (In the latter we should remove it
> from the web listing and remove it from java-common).

The content about having both java-faq and having java-policy in
java-common seems to be false as far as
https://packages.debian.org/stretch/all/java-common/filelist is
concerned, it's the same as in Debian-testing as of today.

> If kept, the FAQ could have a disclaimer that the document *might* not be
> updated and point to the WiKi page for reference (if one exists).
>> If you would like to help us, you could create a new Wiki page, e.g.
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Java/FAQ
>> Add those questions and answers to the page that you find interesting
>> and either update them yourself or mark them as "update needed". Then
>> let's work together on improving the information.
> If this is done please also let DDP know to remove the document and add a
> disclaimer in the GIT instead. Otherwise we will end up with contradicting
> sources of information which is not very helpful to our users.

I am not really an expert in either java or HTML/SGML .

If somebody can make a git repo. of the whole documentation from


I could do a pull and then do a push which would need to be peer-reviewed
from somebody of the debian-java team who can review and correct the content
if needed.

whether or not there should be a copy of the java-faq in java-common I
would best leave to the maintainers although my opinion would be it
would be nice if we can have such content in java-common.

Whenever I and my friends and colleagues do debian installs in
colleges and faraway places, we pride on the fact that debian has its
own inbuilt documentation.

Updating the FAQ is probably a simple job if the HTML/SGML issues
could be worked around as content updation on a text-editor can be
easily done if it's in a git repo.

The Java-debian-policy may be a different fish altogether. If the
above could be done, could do the edits/changes and share it for

Would need the repo. address and any instructions for pushing it to
the repo. for review of the changes I have done.

> Best regards
> Javier

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