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Re: debian-java-faq seems to be pretty old -


Am 31.08.2018 um 19:36 schrieb Javier Fernandez-Sanguino:
> I agree too as I wrote most of the content a long time ago (18 years!).
>     This is
>     partly because the people who created the old Debian Java FAQ are no
>     longer involved in Debian Java or may even have reassigned from Debian
>     completely. 
> This is actually because I am not actively updating it myself anymore
> (last update I did was 4 years ago) and nobody has stepped in to support
> the document. But it would be great if somebody did.
> Note that I was never part of the Java team. Just a DD that wanted to
> support users in getting help others on how to run Java in their systems
> by documenting it.

First of all thanks for creating the old Java FAQ!

The other authors were once members of the Java team but they are no
longer active. In my opinion it is crucial that someone does actually
work on Java related projects within Debian, otherwise it becomes
difficult to either ask the right questions or give the right answers.
Java has gone a long way since 18 years ago. Most of the questions are
also of a very basic nature and sources like Wikipedia will already
provide sufficient information for those kind of questions.

At the moment I recommend to mark the current documentation as outdated.
(Big letters and in color) I am even in favor of removing it completely
unless someone steps up to overhaul it now.

>     It is also more difficult to update the old Debian Java FAQ
>     instead of updating our Wiki. 
> I will not argue much this point, but this is something I do not agree
> with too much, specially with the move to Salsa.
> There is some advantages to having a good document for end users
> (e.g. printable, easily translatable, off line copy in java-common)

I believe our Wiki is much more accessible for users. They just have to
create an account and can start modifying information. In contrast
working with salsa requires access rights to repositories, and or
reviews of pull requests. I think we want to keep it much simpler
because we are low on contributors anyway. We want to encourage users to
read the current Wiki content and improve that without the need of too
much supervision. I have already worked on improving the Java packaging
section. It makes sense to concentrate all our documentation at one
place now.

>     Hence I suggest the following to you:
> Why doesn't the Java team actually review the Java FAQ and let DDP know
> if it should be kept or dropped completely? (In the latter we should
> remove it from the web listing and remove it from java-common).
> If kept, the FAQ could have a disclaimer that the document *might* not
> be updated and point to the WiKi page for reference (if one exists).
>     If you would like to help us, you could create a new Wiki page, e.g.
>     https://wiki.debian.org/Java/FAQ
>     Add those questions and answers to the page that you find interesting
>     and either update them yourself or mark them as "update needed". Then
>     let's work together on improving the information.
> If this is done please also let DDP know to remove the document and add
> a disclaimer in the GIT instead. Otherwise we will end up with
> contradicting sources of information which is not very helpful to our users.

As I said I am in favor of removing the old Java FAQ and I will continue
to work on the Wiki documentation but I only speak for myself.



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