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#612993 debian-faq: FAQ: Please convert SGML to DocBook XML

Hi Osamu, victory e.a.,

Yes, we need to finally convert the Debian FAQ from debiandoc to modern DocBook
XML, so that obsolete debiandoc toolchain can get removed.

I just found out that running "debiandoc2dbk debian-faq.sgml" from within
an SVN checkout produces pretty neat debian-faq.dbk/*.dbk files.  That
seems to work :)

victory: I guess that's what you did to produce faq-db5.tbz, right?

I am pretty sure our Makefile needs some work too, after this conversion...

Osamu: do you have time to work on this, soonish?  I am not quite sure what
would be the best course of action now: what should be done first?  Perhaps I
could first release the current FAQ?  debian/changelog lists enough changes to
warrant a release I guess...  I believe I have some time soonish and could e.g.
release within a week from now.

Or I could try to do the conversion myself, and make it build again, and make
sure the po4a infrastructure still works.  However, I'm afraid that would take
me longer than a month...

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Bye,


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