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Re: Bug#864166: release-notes: proofreading sweep - issues.dbk

On 06/05/2017 05:07 PM, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Julien Cristau wrote:
>> On 06/05/2017 09:30 PM, Justin B Rye wrote:
>>> So if I *do* have all the xserver-xorg-* packages installed (and
>>> logind and so on), it's expected that everything should work, even on
>>> an antique graphics card?  For me, startx refuses to work on stretch -
>>> it starts, but won't accept input.  Switching to lightdm fixes it.
>> "antique graphics card" isn't something I can work with, please give
>> actual details?
> An Intel 82945G/GZ (i.e. i945).  It's an old machine, which is part of
> the reason it was using startx.  Is that expected to make a difference
> that would let a display manager work where stretch startx doesn't?
No, startx vs DM shouldn't make any difference, and I'd expect that
hardware to work fine without the -legacy package.


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