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Re: Bug#863881: release-notes: proofreading sweep - about.dbk

Justin B Rye:
> Package: release-notes
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch
> Just to get the ball rolling here's a commented diff on one of the
> files that has least need for proofreading.  All I've got to suggest
> are two very low-priority stylistic improvements.
> [...]

Thanks, applied. :)

> (The "Debian Documentation Project SVN information pages" also mention
> git; is this SVN-only coverage in the release-notes still true or does
> it need an update?)

The release-notes itself is still in SVN.  But I believe some of the
other documentation is now in git.  :)  So the release-notes part is
still true.
  Though it sounds like the "Debian Documentation Project SVN
information pages" could probably do with a "retitle" to use "VCS"
instead of "SVN". :)


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