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Re: Proof reading and related updates to Release notes?

Hello Martin,

Stretch vs stretch vs &releasename;
... and vs &Releasename; !

Le 31/05/2017 16:27, Justin B Rye a écrit :
On the &releasename vs Stretch vs stretch issue: personally I'm in
favour of avoiding the use of the &expando entirely,
I think that "&releasename;" should be used where nothing change from a release to another, ie everywhere, except in "issues" & "what's new" chapters that are cleaned up for each new release.

Martin Bagge / brother wrote:

What files and how do I submit them for review by someone else than
Files are in the ddp svn
and, as Justin add them in Cc, proofread english is done by debian-l10n-english team.


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