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Bug#863282: release-notes: Recommend the _netdev mount option for AoE (ATA over ethernet) devices

Package: release-notes
Severity: normal


on systemd-based installations, there is a change in stretch how a mount
using an AoE (ATA over ethernet) device is handled during shutdown,
likewise for swap over AoE: The scripts provided by ifupdown no longer
detect such a situation, and therefore no longer skip network
deconfiguration then. This is tracked as #862530.

However, there's a solution by providing an additional mount option
"_netdev". Then, systemd will handle the situation in a sensible way.

Therefore, I'd like to add a recommendation to the release notes,
basically as follows:


# The _netdev mount option is recommended when using AoE (ATA over ethernet) devices

Due to a cleanup in the handling of network deconfiguration, AoE devices
in use are no longer handled as expected during shutdown, possibly
resulting in hangs and/or data loss. To migigate that situation, it is
suggested to mount such devices using the "_netdev" mount option. That
option is available when using swap over AoE as well.


Feel free to re-word or ask for clarification. I will also lower the
severity of the bug mentioned above, since all other scenarios were not
supported in jessie, so there is no regression.

Aside: It seems this trick does not work for NBD (#862531), I'm still
testing. Also, usage of iSCSI devices might be affected.


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