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Bug#699754: grub core.img too large when using lvm+md


On Thu, 5 Mar 2015 18:43:41 +0100 =?UTF-8?Q?Moritz_M=C3=BChlenhoff?= 
<jmm@inutil.org> wrote:
> Is this still something which is relevant in jessie?

Yes, I ran into this issue during a wheezy->jessie upgrade.

The affected root file system is in a lvm. At the troublesome system the first 
parition starts at block 63.

Then the post-installation script returns with an error. It does not print the 
error message. (Manual invocation of grub-install does)

Basically, this problem can happen (and is noteworthy in the release notes) 
whenever core.img's size gets increased.

Btw. with start=512 it works. It is easy to reproduce the error, e.g., with an  
256mb flash disk cfdisk leaves per default too little space for the core.img.

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