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Bug#789604: release-notes: 'halt' behaviour changed without notice

Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> Justin B Rye wrote:
>> It's good, but I've got a couple of English usage nitpicks:
> And I'm happy to have you pick the nits off my contribution :)
> Would you care to peruse #789652, which is related?

Hmm, well, I've never proofread the installation-guide as a whole.  I
ought to get round to doing that some time.

Okay, your patch introduces another example of un-American behaviour,
but I would actually suggest rephrasing that bit: it's not obvious
what newly introduced behavio(u)r it's talking about.

Also, it's not strictly true that it was introduced by systemd in
Jessie.  Distinguishing halt from poweroff was already a feature of
systemd on Wheezy - and Upstart too, unless I'm misreading


 Use <command>reboot</command> to reboot the system.
 Use <command>halt</command> to halt the system without powering it off
  Under the SysV init system <command>halt</command> had the same
  effect as <command>poweroff</command>, but with systemd as init
  system (the default in jessie) their effects are different.

 To power off the machine, use <command>poweroff</command> or
 <command>shutdown -h now</command>.

(and drop the final sentence about systemctl).

I use "SysV init" and "systemd" above because we don't mean
<package>sysvinit</package> or (especially)
<package>systemd</package>, we mean those software frameworks as a
whole, referred to by "brand name".  And it's "jessie" because we
don't mean whatever &releasename; currently resolves to, we mean
Debian 8 (and using lowercase because apparently &releasename; follows
that standard).
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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