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Bug#789604: release-notes: 'halt' behaviour changed without notice

Package: release-notes
Tags: patch

I'm submitting this patch on the advice of the systemd maintainers.
Could this be applied to the jessie release notes?

I sent a separate patch for the installation-guide, #789652

Index: issues.dbk
--- issues.dbk	(revision 10955)
+++ issues.dbk	(working copy)
@@ -586,7 +586,22 @@
     bug #784720</ulink>
+<section id="systemd-halt-behaviour">
+  <!-- Wheezy to Jessie (#760923) -->
+  <title>systemd: behaviour of 'halt' command</title>
+  <para>
+    The <systemitem role="package">sysvinit</systemitem> implementation
+    of the <command>halt</command> command powered off the machine as well.
+    The <systemitem role="package">systemd-sysv</systemitem> implementation
+    of the <command>halt</command> halts the system, but does not power off
+    the machine. To halt the machine and turn it off,
+    use the <command>poweroff</command> command.
+  </para>
+  <para>
+    See also <ulink url="&url-bts;760923">Debian bug #760923</ulink>
+  </para>
 <section id="required-kernel-config-options">
   <!-- Wheezy to Jessie -->

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