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Re: Bug#787759: Problems with building release-notes PDF for Russian

On Thu, 11 Jun 2015, Lev Lamberov wrote:
> I've tried these packages on my machine running testing (stretch). I've
> tried to build both English and Russian release-notes. Yes, title and
> headers are OK now, but the content (that is, ordinary text) is broken. So,
> "old" problem disappeared, but the very same problem appeared for the text.

Hmm, I built in a clean chroot of jessie with only the necessary packages
installed, and that created a proper document.

What do you mean with "ordinary text is broken"? It might be that
fontconfig returns a strange font (like in my case on my sid machine
where a osf (old style figures) font is returned).

> Maybe that is kind of specific for testing, but as I understand there were
> no relevant updates since jessie release, am I right?



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