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Bug#772963: release-notes: cellphone friendly CSS

> Anyway, by defining 480x800 window size with (1) with the reported Samsung
> Galaxy (I tried all Galaxy models available in (2,3) and also with Nokia Lumia's
> only model listed in (2,3) results in: The "next" arrow icon sticks to the right
> edge of the window and no "previous" arrow or house icon in sight either.

...because in fact I made the tests using the Release Notes page, which is the
very first ;) (and, for that has no previous and no house icon either)
Now, I have checked it with Chapter 2 What's new in Debian 8.html - everything's
ok here, Galaxy and Lumia (480x800).

With a 320x480 window size "navfooter" does not fit in and forces you to scroll
to the right (no problem with "navheader", though).



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