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[debian-reference] 01/01: Host "Debian Reference" in the "ddp" git repo. [debian-reference] 03/45: renamed: README.translators -> README.source [debian-reference] 05/45: count fuzzy [debian-reference] 17/45: update init and describe sysv-style init [debian-reference] 24/45: better logging [debian-reference] 29/45: EN: simple ext2/3 -> ext2/3/4 [debian-reference] 30/45: EN: simple obnam addition [debian-reference] 44/45: EN: Fix error in rsync script [debian-reference] tag master/2.50 created (now 1aef2bd) Re: Broken workflow (was: ddp build failed) Bug#730240: doc-base: request for epub format support Bug#730441: release-notes: Debian requires an i586 since at least squeeze Commit messages (was: [debian-reference] 03/45: renamed: README.translators -> README.source) Debian Reference: translation request for 2.51 Online documentation from the latest package (was: Broken workflow) r10316 - /man-cgi/extractor/README r10317 - in /man-cgi/extractor: config r10318 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10319 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10322 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10323 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10324 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10325 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r10326 - /man-cgi/extractor/config r10327 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10328 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10329 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10330 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r10331 - /man-cgi/static-repository/bin/config r10332 - /man-cgi/static-repository/bin/ r10333 - in /man-cgi/static-repository/bin: r10334 - /man-cgi/static-repository/bin/ r10340 - /manuals/trunk/Makefile The last update was on 13:40 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 33 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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