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Bug#704286: release-notes: dselect being ancient is not new

Package: release-notes
Version: r9650
Tags: wheezy patch


The "What's new" section contains a note pointing out that dselect is
not very well supported any more.  That is not new.

This section also has some advice about which tools to use to perform
the upgrade.  If that advice should be included in the release notes
at all, it certainly does not belong in the "What's new" section.  An
appropriate place would be the "Updating packages" instructions, which
already say to run

	apt-get dist-upgrade

So this paragraph is completely unneeded.

Index: whats-new.dbk
--- whats-new.dbk	(révision 9650)
+++ whats-new.dbk	(copie de travail)
@@ -401,20 +401,6 @@
-<!-- FIXME: REVIEW for wheezy -->
-<section id="pkgmgmt">
-<title>Package management</title>
-The preferred program for interactive package management from a terminal is
-<command>aptitude</command>. For a non-interactive command line interface
-for package management, it is recommended to use <command>apt-get</command>.
-<command>apt-get</command> is also the preferred tool for upgrades
-between major releases.
-If you are still using <command>dselect</command>, you should switch to
-<systemitem role="package">aptitude</systemitem> as the official front-end
-for package management.
 <programlisting condition="fixme">
 TODO: Do we have to mention dpkg triggers here or elsewhere?

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