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Bug#690706: release-notes: kFreeBSD-* speaks a lot about udev & linux kernel

Le 24/03/2013 13:22, Baptiste a écrit :
> David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> a écrit

>>> arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
>> I would be much more comfortable if we could use a syntax à la
>> 	<section id="cryptoloop" noarch="kfreebsd-i386;kfreebsd-amd64">

Actually, arch="not-kfreebsd-i386;not-kfreebsd-amd64" should have worked
out of the box.

>> because the hardcoded list of non-kfreebsd will bite us as soon as we’ll
>> add a new Linux architecture. I haven’t yet looked at how hard it will
>> be to implement.
> Christoph Egger a écrit
>> A linux-any would be ideal I guess. Handling the hurd and
>> kfeebsd-$whatever cases fine as well ;-)

I just push a fix in the Makefile: we now can use

as a equivalent of
(and other non-Linux kernel when they’ll exist),


for all the others.



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